Native Game | Stowers Ranch

Native Game

Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer are the traditional “big game” of the Texas Hill Country, which is the region in Texas where the greatest number of Whitetail Deer are taken.

Stowers Ranch has endeavored to develop a healthy herd of deer with superior antlers by controlling the number of deer on the Ranch, culling inferior animals, and providing abundant forbs, browse, and grass. During the recent drought we started scattering small piles of high quality alfalfa for wildlife. The purpose is to maintain body condition at a sufficiently high level to achieve high levels of bred does and high fawn survival rates. 

We aspire to work closely with Nature.  If that concept appeals to you then you will want to visit Stowers Ranch.

Stowers Ranch’s Level 3 Managed Lands Deer Permit, issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife, has the following benefits for whitetail deer hunters:

  • Use of a hunting tag is not required on a deer harvested under the authority of this Permit, therefore bag limits do not apply to individual hunters.
  • Allows harvest of anterless deer and any buck with any lawful means from October 3, 2015 through February 28, 2016.

Rio Grande Turkey

Stowers Ranch is home to an abundant population of native Rio Grande Turkeys.

The Ranch’s riparian areas with running water and lakes and tall trees provide attractive habitat for turkey nesting and roosting.  Turkeys are frequently seen throughout the Ranch during the Fall hunting season.

In addition to the October 3rd, 2015 to November 6th, 2015 fall season there is a Spring Turkey Season from April 2nd to May 15th, 2016, scheduled to coincide with the turkeys' mating period.  This is an exciting time of courtship with hens and gobblers calling back and forth and gobblers engaged in spectacular displays of fanning tail feathers, puffing up and strutting.

Calling turkeys is most successful in the Spring. A total of four turkeys may be taken, all of which must be gobblers, during the Fall and Spring Seasons.